The History of Michigan Storm


The Michigan Storm Basketball Club was organized for the purpose of assisting young women who are serious about improving their basketball skills and who are willing to challenge themselves against some of the best players in Michigan and around the United States. We provide positive instruction to our athletes while challenging them consistently to elevate their games. Our goal is to build better people through basketball and strive to forge relationships that will last a life-time.


We believe that basketball is a vehicle that provides the opportunity to teach many life lessons to young adults. Our basketball journey begins by identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, life lessons are taught — more specifically, the values of hard-work, sacrifice and commitment. Our athletes quickly learn that without consistent application of these values, no progress will occur. Although we are highly competitive, we are not interested in coaching just “any” player. However, we will attempt to “move mountains” for a young lady who listens, is humble enough to accept instruction and who works tirelessly to achieve her goals. Our approach has proven to be successful as we have a host of former players competing at every level of college basketball.


We are grateful for the many blessings that we have received and all of the honors that have been bestowed upon our players and program, both locally and nationally. Our approach has remained consistent over the years — to treat our players and families with respect and do our very best to assist them along their journey. Throughout the years we have made friendships that will last a lifetime and we are proud to watch our players matriculate through life. When we started many years ago we initially struggled to be competitive and we had more than our share of growing pains. We have attempted to learn from every setback and we are as determined as ever to continue to provide quality basketball experiences for our families.

We are not naive to the reality that success brings about new challenges and we recognize that we are now the “hunted.” Despite this new reality we will not change the way that we approach our business although we will continue to grow and improve. We are prepared for the circumstances ahead and we welcome the tests that await us. We fully understand that regardless of the circumstances, we must continue to be responsible for our direction. No different from the Captain of a ship at sea, we are prepared to bring the vessel to port. We have chartered our course and our direction is true. “We are the ship, all else is the sea.”